Lesson 501 – A Gaucho Gathering in Uruguay

Each year several thousand gauchos-Uruguayan cowboys-gather in the interior town of Tacuarembó for a festival and parade. We travel to a ranch deep in the interior and follow the gaucho life and their preparations for the parade.

Learning Objective

Students will learn about the small country of Uruguay, including its progressive government and the gauchos’ festival in Tacuarembó.

Social Studies Standards

Culture: A, D

Discussion Prompts

  • Why is depopulation an important issue in rural areas of Uruguay and what factors cause this to happen? Is there a solution to this problem and if so, what is it?
  • It is stated in the video that a common goal in Uruguay is social justice. Should this be a goal for all countries? What did Uruguay do to achieve this?
  • Why does host David Yetman say that Uruguay is not a paradise for vegetarians? Describe the Uruguayan diet. How does this relate to Gaucho culture and the raising of livestock?
  • What do you think host David Yetman means when he talks about the “gaucho personality” and the “essence of the gaucho?” What are the origins or roots of this? Is there a similar term you can think of that describes the personality of your region?

Lesson Activities

  • List 5-6 factors that provide evidence that Uruguay is a model country that other countries should look to as a leader. Create a speech that outlines the factors that make Uruguay a just and egalitarian country.
  • Create a journey map of host David Yetman’s trip from the cultural city of Montevideo to the interior town of Tacuarembó. Make a map that outlines his journey and add a key that shows highlights of each place.
  • Why are horses so important in Gaucho culture? Create a graphic organizer of your choice that shares the environmental, geographical and cultural factors that influence the role and importance of the horse in Uruguayan culture. Be sure to include the parade.
  • Create a bifold display that shares a day in the life of a farmer and a day in the life of a school child in rural Uruguay. Share the daily details of farming and school life in rural Uruguay including the physical challenges.


  • acquaintance
  • controversy
  • depopulation
  • egalitarian
  • gauchos
  • intolerance
  • legislation
  • palpable
  • progressive
  • sparse


In the Americas Season 5 Lesson Episode 1