In The Americas with David Yetman

An Emmy Award-winning HD television series presenting a new approach to travel and adventure, weaving together landscapes, culture and history of the Western Hemisphere in our intimate fashion. Aired by PBS in the United States and Arte France in France, Germany & Austria.

Fifty half-hour programs now available! Watch highlights from Seasons 1 – 5.

Season 1 Highlights

Day of the Dead: A Mexican Celebration // In the Mouth of the Amazon // The Pride of Guatemala: Tikal of the Mayas // The Working Coast of British Columbia // Brazil: The Diamond Range // Peru: A Train to the Clouds // Hawaii’s Big Island: The Volcanos’ Gifts // Chiloé and Chilotes: Proud Islanders Of Chile // The Cry for Mexican Independence // Peru: People of the Altiplano

Season 2 Highlights

Tultepec: Mexico’s Skyrocket Central // In the Shadow of the Volcanoes: Chile’s Melting Pot // The Rainforest Nisei: Japanese Immigrants in the Amazon // Two Millennia of Mayas: Guatemala’s Cultural Legacy // Ice, Rock, and Water: The Sierra Nevada // Fiesta in the Yucatán: Maya Traditions // Panama: A City and a Canal // Bahia: Brazil’s African Connection // Winter in the Caldera: January in the Yellowstone Hotspot // Whistles in the Mist: Whistled Speech in Oaxaca

Season 3 Highlights

ABC Islands: The Dutch legacy in the Caribbean // Bahian Reconcavo of Brazil: Quilombos, Candomblé, and the Mata Atlântica // Colombia: Capital and Coffee // Sierra Nevada and the Making of California // Brazil’s Land of Sand // Lake Superior: Circling the Sweet Water Ocean // Nicaragua- Land of the Shaking Earth Emerges // Pernambuco: Brazil’s Other Carnival // Cuetzalan: The Celebration of San Francisco // Alaska: The Wilderness of the Volcanoes

Season 4 Highlights

Reefs, Ruins, and Revivals: Belize’s Melting Pot // Yakima: The Quest for Hops // Panama’s Wild West // Argentina’s Route 40: From the Steppes to the Lakes // Heart of the Wilderness: Wyoming’s Wind River Range // From Vaquejada to Jangada: Into Rural Ceará, Brazil // Bogota to the Amazon: A Trip Across Colombia // Gift of the Andes: Mendoza, Argentina, and its Wines // Coffee and Culture in Oaxaca // Favelas & Samba – Brazil

Season 5 Highlights

A Gaucho Gathering in Uruguay // Trinidad and Tobago: Where East Meets West // Mexico City’s Markets: a Millennium of Trade // Brazil’s Pernambuco: The Forgotten Interior // The Mata Atlantica: Brazil’s Other Rainforest // Blackfeet and Bison // Chesapeake Bay: Of Clams and Oysters // Colombia: Cartagena and a Hidden Palenque // Peoples of Oaxaca and the arrival of Holy Week // The Brazilian state of Ceará

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