Lesson 410 – Argentina Ruta 40

Argentines maintain that Patagonia begins at the Rio Colorado in the Province of Neuquen. Traveling south, we cross a river on Ruta 40 –Route Forty- in a volcanic landscape amidst a cast desert, the majestic peaks of the Andes always present on our right. Within the slopes of the Andes are myriad lakes and towns constructed by European immigrants and expatriates, but never far from the arid, windswept of Patagonia, all roads lead to San Carlos Bariloche, the crown jewel of Ruta 40, a Swiss-type resort on the shores of the great Lake Nahuel-Huapi. On a sailboat we travel westward, passing from desert scrub on the shoreline to the lush rainforests and snows of the Andes.

Learning Objective

Students will learn about the beautiful geographical landscape, people and culture in Patagonia region, Argentina.

Social Studies Standards

Individual Development & Identity: C, F

Discussion Prompts

  • Ruta 40 and Route 66 appear to be created for tourist purposes. What is the value of creating such roads if it does not benefit most of the population? Discuss why and how the governments can justify such ventures. 
  • What would be some of the political and economic issues that stirred Buenos Aires to dispute the creation of the Ruta 40. Who won the fight: politics or economics? Justify your answer.
  • How might the creation of Ruta 40 change the lives of the Mapuche people? Do you think progress has benefited or hurt the Mapuche Indians in the Province of Neuquen? Why is the Mapuche culture stronger in Chile? Justify your answers.
  • Francisco Moreno and John Muir helped bring awareness about conservation. Why is conservation still a hot topic today? What is being done in your area towards this cause?

Lesson Activities

  • Create a marketing trifold with the highlights of Ruta 40 in Argentina, Route 66 in the U.S., and a Route in your region to promote cross culture connections.
  • If you research about Ruta 40, you will learn that it has been the inspiration of many songs, books, and arguments. What inspired you along that route? Write a letter to your teacher telling her/him about what inspired you, what you did because of it, and why you felt that way.
  • Tango, gauchos, poets, black neck swans, smallest river, are a few interesting things that makes Argentina unique. Create a poem, ballad style, highlighting Argentina’s beauty.
  • Francisco Moreno and Jose de San Martin appear to be two very important people for Argentinians. Which two people from your neck of the woods would you like to pay homage? Write an essay comparing your chosen people with Francisco Moreno and Jose de San Martin.


  • amidst
  • ballad
  • brackish
  • conservation
  • expatriates
  • immigrants
  • majestic
  • myriad
  • reminiscent
  • shoreline


Lesson Plan