The Northern Jaguar Preserve: Where the Great Cats Roam Freely

A little over one hundred miles south of the U.S-Mexico borders in the state of Sonora, international conservation groups have discovered the ideal habitat for jaguars, mountain lions, and ocelots. Through their efforts, former cattle ranches in some of the roughest country in North America now belong to these top predators, who leave their images on cameras that now document

Learning Objective

Students will learn about preserving ecosystems for jaguars and other big cats to help save them from extinction.

Social Studies Standards

Time, Continuity & Change: B, F

Discussion Prompts

  • Who are the enemies of the jaguar and mountain lion and why? How can people help protect them?
  • Do you think providing financial incentives to cattle farmers to reward them for photos of pictures on their land is a good method to help prevent extinction? Brainstorm two other potential solutions for helping to protect these animals.
  • Alberto states, “This is paradise for the cats if you take humans and cattle out of the equation.” What does this statement mean?
  • What is the advantage of going through Northcentral Sonora on a mule instead of an airplane, four-wheel drive, or foot? Why does the host prefer the mule as a mode of transportation?

Lesson Activities

  • Research the threat of extinction of jaguars and create an infographic that expands on the information shared in the video. Create visuals and phrases that inspire people to take action. 
  • Create a booklet that includes the animals of this area in their ecosystem. Include jaguars, lions, pumas, ocelots, wildcats, deer, wild boars, raccoons, and squirrels.
  • Invent a new method or tool to help save jaguars using contemporary digital tools. Draw and describe your invention and share how it will help jaguars and big cats in a presentation.
  • Research the Northern Jaguar Project. Create an informercial that shares its purpose, goals, how people can become involved, and other important facts. Present your findings to other students.


  • corridor
  • crusade
  • disequilibrium
  • extermination
  • oasis
  • refuge
  • remote
  • reserve
  • topographical map
  • trophy hunting


In the Americas Season 10 Lesson Episode 4