Lesson 4: The Working Coast of British Columbia

The Georgia Straits of coastal British Columbia, Canada are dotted with hundreds of islands. This is lumber and fishing county nearly free of roads. One cargo ship delivers heavy equipment and supplies to remote camps and takes on passengers to view the wild beauty of the straits and inlets, with towering peaks and glaciers overlooking the sea.

Learning Objective

Students will learn about the lumber industry, and other industries, on the British Columbia coast.

Social Studies Standards

People, Places & Environment E, I, J, K

Discussion Prompts

  • Why is it important that trees such as the Red Cedar and Douglas Fir are now protected from commercial use?
  • Compare the monetary value of the lumber versus the other values the trees serve in British Columbia forests. What is their greatest value and why?
  • If you were a passenger on the Marine Link Tours, describe some of the supplies aboard the ship and also what you would see on your passage.
  • If you were to plan a visit to this area as a filmmaker to extend this video, what additional footage would you
  • select to include ?

Lesson Activities

  • Research the Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees that grow on the British Columbia coast. Create a table with at least 10 facts about each type of tree.
  • Pretend you are a new developer that has been hired to develop this area. What economy would thrive and what wouldn’t based on the current industry and needs. Create a presentation and justify your reasoning with facts from the video.
  • Create a brochure or pamphlet for the purpose of attracting tourists focusing on the pristine elements of the British Columbian forest. Include visuals from the video as well as key terms.
  • Write a persuasive essay from the perspective of either the lumber industry or the conservation industry that addresses the efforts to reconcile this industry with ecotourism’s efforts.


  • cargo
  • conservation
  • contractor
  • ecotourism
  • glacier
  • industrial
  • inlet
  • reconcile
  • remote
  • strait